quinn b. rodriguez

freelance writer & sensitivity reader,
ttrpg creator, actual play-er,
variety streamer

nonbinary (they/she), disabled/chronically ill, latine

logo for the ennie tabletop rpg awards, reading 2021 nominee

ennies 2021 nominee - fan award for best publisher

ttrpg creator // freelance writer
accepting new contracts

recent releases:

recent appearances

premiere actual play of
the hierophant's gone away for a while
(early access)
benefiting black & pink as part of pride brunchathon,
presented by huetopia & rk wilde
june 2021

host jeff stormer & quinn play a game of penultimate: together!

logo for PARTY OF ONE. the silhouettes of two people in profile mid-discussion with a blue d20 in the background.

featured game for up all night jam 2020:
how we learned to fill our lungs with salt
benefiting the lgbtq freedom fund

premiere actual play of
catharsis and shit
(or, from which lilacs bloom)

benefiting black lives matter and the trevor project


on being nonbinary enough, changing your name in middle school, and life in social distancing.

sanity checks & stigma: mental health in ttrpgs
couch con, april 2020

sensitivity reading
for podcasting, ttrpg, gaming, fiction
available for freelance and longer-term work

topics include:

  • bipolar disorder (pre- and post-diagnosis, pre- and mid-treatment)

  • living with ptsd

  • living with ocd

  • domestic violence

  • sexual violence

  • chronic depression

  • chronic pain

  • fibromyalgia

  • physical disability

  • canes as a mobility device

  • disordered eating

  • substance abuse

  • lgbtqia+ experience (coming out, being outed, gender euphoria/dysphoria, etc)

  • nonbinary experience (specifically demigender)

  • religious upbringing (roman catholic)

  • catholic school (k-12)

  • occult subjects

  • whitewashing and mixed race/ethnicity (mexican-american/latine)

rates tbd depending on
scope, length, & intensity of the project


ttrpg actual play
email for guest appearances & future campaigns
available for both live-streaming & podcasting

quinn as citlalli, in a long multicolor pastel wig and wearing heavy, vibrant makeup with pink contacts

the hounds of mercy vs andake
(dnd 5e, homebrew)
as citlalli
tues @ 5pm pst
on transplanar rpg

quinn as august, wearing glasses and a gray knit sweater with gray lipstick, with short brown curly ringlets

haven of horrors
(statements of fear)
as blair
every other tues @ 11am pst
on heroes without limits

quinn as blair, wearing glasses and bright red lipstick in a wide smirk

monsterhearts: insolitus institute
as august
every other sat @ 12:30pm pst
on friends who roll dice
**currently on hiatus

previous actual play
click the show title for vods

quinn as valeria, wearing red eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner with dark lipstick, in a silver wig with braided pigtails

grim vestigae
as witch dagger / valeria cruz

quinn as ronan, wearing a collared shirt & suspenders

gala of the damned
as ronan henley

quinn as olivine, wearing heavy grunge makeup & septum piercing

as olivine / olivia castillo

quinn as astrid, in a long silver wig with gold tear-tracks

where roots remain
(dnd 5e, homebrew)
as astrid keay

quinn as violetta, in a spiked crown & short curly wig

betrayal of heartholm
as violetta orsinov

logo for a verdant silence, feat blue forest imagery & gold text

a verdant silence
(dnd 5e, homebrew)
as dungeon master

quinn as meztli in blue eyeliner, overlaid with her notes

project vhs
(cypher system)
as dr. meztli flores

quinn as primrose, overlaid with an image of a green forest

grimm femmes: beyond the veil
(dnd 5e, homebrew)
as primrose

logo for a velvet soirée, white text on a grainy black backdrop

a velvet soirée
(dnd 5e, homebrew)
as dungeon master

...and a collection of other one-offs

oracle card readings
explanation and inquiry form below

  • 3 card pull: $30 USD

  • 5 card pull: $45 USD

  • 7 card pull: $55 USD

image of a 5 card oracle spread on a plain black background

*pricing can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis for bimpoc, trans/nbi, and other marginalized individuals

oracle cards work essentially like the classic tarot, though i find that for me they're much less rigid and often lead to more personal discoveries.

the size of a pull (aka a spread) can affect the best type of question to ask, and the type of answer to expect. for instance, because a three-card pull doesn't offer many opportunities for a super specific spread, i advise seeking answers and discoveries for broader questions and topics. subjects i've read on in this format include "am i on the correct life path?", "is this relationship toxic for me?", and "how can i improve on this certain skill or aspect of my life?"

the larger the pull, the more specific the result.

i hope i'm able to help shine some light on whatever might be on your mind.

twitch variety streaming
we have fun here.

as a disabled and chronically ill gamer,
my schedule is dictated largely by my spoons ~

keep up-to-date on twitter <3

i'm now a ritual motion affiliate!

check out their awesome gaming skins for finger/hand/wrist support by clicking the link or logo above ~

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pink and orange summer of pride 2020 gif with a rainbow circle

this june i was fortunate enough to take part in midboss' SUMMER OF PRIDE event for the second year in a row! we played we know the devil and sayonara wild hearts while raising money for the trevor project <3

a take this streaming ambassador since 2018
dedicated to fighting stigma surrounding mental illness

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